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Company Profile

Mahavir Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of specialty Fibreglass products, mainly - filter fabrics, filter bags (woven & non-woven), fabric with different finishes, tapes, belts, threads etc., which have a wide range of applications in different industries. Established in 1992, on the outskirts of the historic city of Ahmedabad, it has established itself as an extremely reliable, customer friendly company, with an unchallenged record of extra high quality products and timely delivery.

With an experience of 35 years in Fibreglass Fabric, Mr. Dipak Shah is taking the company to new heights. Under his dynamic leadership, and supported by an experienced and professional working team, Mahavir has extended its business activities, not only throughout India, but also in every part of the world.

Group Profile

The Sanghvi Group of Companies command respect in markets around the world for its consistent quality. The group is a multi faceted, multi-product, and multi-talented industrial hexagon, comprising;

  • Sanghvi Products: Manufacturer of PTFE thread sealant tapes and exports under UL listing. Offers a total spectrum of non asbestos braided/compression packing made from materials like PTFE, aramid, graphite, carbon and other high tensile fibre
  • Flu-Tef Industries: An ISO 9001-2000 certified company manufacturing high quality specialty PTFE insulated equipment wires, multicore cables, RF co-axial cables, data bus cables, and PTFE sleeves
  • Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.: An ISO 9001-2000 certified company manufacturing aerospace wires and cables in polyamide (Kapton), PTFE+Polyamide composite and speciality insulation. It has a widespread clientele spanning satellite, aircraft, helicopter and defence industries. The company has been awarded for excellence in aerospace indegenization
  • SPC Products: An ISO 9001-2000 certified company manufacturing bare copper, silver / nickel / tin / electroplated copper / copper coated steel wire conductors in single, strand, and braid forms
  • Sanghvi Techno Products: Manufacturer of PTFE extruded rods and tubes, compress moulded rods, bushes, sheets, skived sheets & machined components as per customers' specifications, drwaing and filled grades.

These companies are vertically and horizontally integrated backward and forward, enabling the group to function as an industrial power house. What is more; it has enabled a distinct quality culture to evolve within the group. This quality consciousness encompasses all facets of their activities.

The various companies of the Sanghvi group presents a highly impressive product mix, catering to a wide range of industries from mid tech industries to high tech industries to industries that employ extremely advanced technologies.

High Temperature Fibreglass Filter Fabrics/Bags

Air pollution control and emission control is now being considered critical in high growth areas of Textiles, Cement, Steel, Chemicals, Pharmacy, Plastics, Power Generation and other industrial fields.  

We have developed a wide range of High Temperature fibreglass filter bags for dust filtration and product recovery for these industries. We manufacture and supply a wide range of fibreglass filter bags, for practically any application and for any OEM style bag house. 

Our more than three decades of experience has given us the ability to produce filter bags for all types of bag houses, as described by the filter cleaning method that customers employ, such as Pulse Jet, Reverse Air and Mechanical Shaker. Different types of bags that we manufacture are snap and top, ring top, collar type, raw top, wear cuff, beaded cuff top, pocket top, tail top, expansion rings, open top, strap top and others.

Tailor-made bags are made from accurately cut fabric and sewn with specially treated high temp. resistant thread that give a very strong and leak proof seam. Our trained professionals are ready to offer you filter bags in virtually any size, style, configuration and capacity that meet your exact specifications and application requirements.

Bags for very high temp. up to 650°C are also available.


The comprehensive range of advanced performance fibreglass filter bags have all the in-built properties of fibreglass fabrics and surface treatment applied on it. The following superior characteristics of our filter bags result in increased productivity, longer life and lower operations.

  • Higher Temperature Resistance: Fibreglass filter fabrics have an excellent heat resistance up to 260°C continuously and 288°C for the intermittent period
  • High Tensile Strength: Fibreglass cloth is one of the strongest textile filters, having greater specific tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter.  At a low weight, it leads to higher strength and durability of filter bags
  • Dimensional Stability: A filter bag made of fibreglass displays low elongation and contraction under load and temperature. This characteristic is critical when a high level of dust particles is required
  • Extremely Favorable Dust Removal: Bags themselves, already have favorable dust removal characteristics, and the addition of surface finish makes dust removal even easier
  • Good Chemical Resistance: Like glass itself, treated fibreglass fabric is highly resistant to attack by most chemicals
  • Good Air Flow and Better Filtration: Different weaving patterns and a combination of textured filament yarn in weft gives an improved filter ability and reduced blocking

Depending on the application, to ensure bag performance and durability, fibreglass fabric has to have the right finish and surface treatment. Without a protective coating, the glass filaments filtration fabrics can be broken through self abrasion caused by dust particles, or chemical attack from the gas steam composition on cage contact.

Mahavir Corporation has developed the following different finishes to achieve maximum filtration efficiency and durability of bags:

  • Acid Resistance finish
  • Abrasion Resistance Finish
  • Silicone Oil/Graphite/PTFE Finish
  • Water Repellent Finish
  • Chemical Resistance Finish
  • Anti-Static Finish.  
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